Thanks for coming to the third Barkade!


Absolutely INCREDIBLE turnout today guys, us at the BarkadeFurs team, Heart of Gaming and Rock Club London cannot thank you all enough for coming down! ❤️

We're getting ready to crunch the numbers, but so far it appears OVER 121+ of you fuzzbutts made an appearance at today's event despite the 33C heat and the affect on the transport too! The Barkade Army is growing big and strong!

We've got some amazing feedback from you all and lots of extremely positive words heading our way from fans, newcomers and visitors from another furry event earlier today! 

We've got a feedback form live here, please direct all feedback to this form so that we can all go through it and make the next event even better!

It's been an absolute pleasure to have you all and make sure to get lots of pictures up under #BarkadeFurs and we can't wait to see you at the next event! The date will be up very soon so stay tuned!